All BFAL members are required to do the following:

1. Attend four (4) meetings within a period of one year

• Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month with some exceptions, set at the discretion of the executive board.

• If you are unable to attend the minimum of four meetings in one year, you must write a letter to the President explaining your situation/circumstances (this letter must be updated on a yearly basis). All members who are unable to attend a meeting will receive minutes and treasurers report on a monthly basis.

2. Participate in GALA

• Sell tickets
• Serve on a GALA committee
• Donate a service or item ($100 minimum value)
• Assist with GALA set-up and tear-down
• Attend and help at GALA

3. Serve on a non-GALA committee

Committees include: Executive Committee (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Past President); Nominating Committee; Projects Committee; Scholarship Committee; Membership Committee; Telephone Committee; Webmaster; Publicity; Historian; Associate Committee; By-Laws Committee

4. Pay annual dues

• Payable prior to the upcoming GALA
• Dues cover the cost of your and spouse’s GALA ticket as well as help with BFAL operational costs

5. Associate Status

•After completing a full five (5) years of active membership, you may be eligible to transfer to Associate status. A letter of request must be submitted to the President and approval is necessary. You will then be responsible for paying a lower rate of dues, you will get one ticket to GALA for yourself and you will be invited to the Associate luncheon in the spring.

For More Information

Contact current Presidents Michelle AbouAssaly and Jan Daft if you are interested in joining the Burlington Fine Arts League.